Monday, July 11, 2005

Of course, I've done it again

Well we have clearly established the hotness factor that the older ladies hold. Lets bring in a new dimension, older women in positions of power!

More specifically you may ask, my newest crush is a certain Professor of mine, and damn if she doesn't have beauty and brains, a Harvard grad no doubt. She is also a MILF like Angie, which is good in thoery and so I guess this one is going to stay in the wonderland I call my imagination.

Happy hunting, and keep the aura alive!

P.S. Angie just adopted another child, a baby girl Zahara Marley Jolie so now shes beyond MILF status, poor kids are destined for some fruedian futures... what the hell am I talking about they are the luckyest damn kids ever, and way to go for changing the world. Angie you will forever be the ship on my horizon.

P.P.S. Hoorah for Lena Olin reprising her role as Sydney's hot mom in Alias for the last few episodes of season 4!