Friday, June 27, 2008

Damn Right She's Wanted

So last night I was very obviously reminded of why I was seriously obsessed with Angie (Angelina Jolie) for nearly 4 years. Don't get me wrong, I am still at the level of superfan, and I hope to break my viewing record with her newest movie (my record is 8 showings in the theater for Mr. & Mrs. Smith), but I do not spend all my money on memorabilia off Ebay. I went to see the midnight showing of her new film Wanted last night, something I still carry over from my obsessed days is making sure I'm at the first showing of all her movies. In any event, as I got older there seemed to be more important (read obligatory) things to spend money on like food and electricity. Since I'm no longer furiously growing my collection of stuff and defending her to all the nay sayers I'm not constantly reminded of the one thing that really sucked me in all those years ago: Angie is absolutely stunning.

I know everyone has their own preferences but I think she is probably the most stunning woman on this earth. That being said I also think she is an amazingly intelligent woman, kind, loving, and has really been making an impact on this world. If you haven't read her book, Notes From My Travels, about her first few years with UNHCR you should check it out, she just might surprise you.

One of my friends commented on my facebook page a few days ago because she knew the movie was coming out soon. She had this to say:

"Yo yo yo. I was thinking of you this week coz tonight on film four there's an Angelina Jolie special. Three films to show that she's "a leading lady on the edge" worthy of her title. It's to support her new film Wanted. I'm sure you saw it the day it came out. I hate to think of the noises you made. Ha ha. Love u so much."

If you couldn't tell she's a Brit, and damn her, she was right. No doubt she was being cheeky, but I couldn't help but make a noise or comment practically every time she came on screen. Her bone structure is out of this world and I can't help thinking, "no one looks that good." Plus, all the tattoos she has, and those eyes…put a gun in her hand and I'm pretty much a puddle on the floor. She is showing signs of aging just ever so slightly on her face, and damn it's hot. She is going to be a beauty when she gets to be Meryl's age.


Brad is one lucky guy, but I'm glad she found someone that seems to suit her.