Friday, June 24, 2011

Kristin Scott Thomas and Tilda Swinton!

These are two stunning women who I discovered in American films only to later discover they have a large body of work abroad. Thank you netflix!

Tilda Swinton has an amazing androgynous quality that I find constantly intriguing. Her film I Am Love was a compelling story that was driven by an amazing score and some of the most gorgeous cinematography to date.

Kristin Scott Thomas stole my heart in the film Life As A House but below is the trailer for I've Loved You So Long. This film is AMAZING, and despite the subject matter, her understated beauty constantly shines through. I also recently discovered she has been living in France since age 19, which explains why he French is so amazing! It also has a lovely British accent to it, so its really unique. I also recently watched another French film of hers, Leaving, would recommend it too.

Be sure to look for her new film Sarah's Key. Watch the trailer and read this article about the film by The Linster (@thelinster).

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